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Probate is a lengthy and stressful legal process that is completely preventable. If the worth of your estate is over $150,000 and you do not have a living trust, you may run the risk of your estate going through a confusing probate process. The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to ensure that your estate is protected by having the prevention means in place, in case of death. Probate is very easy to avoid, although most people fail to consider these crucial means of prevention.



There are many ways that you can avoid probate, and the Law Offices of Brianna Bocian would love to help you get started today. If you are looking for a probate lawyer in San Diego, Chula Vista, or Escondido, we have someone who can help. 

Some ways you can avoid probate on your own would be to have joint owners on all of your assets or to create a living will. A legal team can ensure that all of these things are done properly, so you can rest assured that your loved ones will not have to deal with probate. There are steps such as filing as joint tenants with rights of survivorship or tenancy by entirety, which our law firm would be able to help you do.

If you currently have life insurance to protect your loved ones, you are already taking the first necessary steps to making sure you are also protected against probate. Our firm can help you ensure that your assets get to the right place by helping you designate beneficiaries on your accounts. These are known as payable or transferable on death accounts.


The Law Offices of Brianna Bocian is the premier probate law firm in the San Diego Area.

Create a Living Trust

The most valuable thing that you can do for your loved ones is to create a living trust, which is something our firm specializes in. You can avoid probate by creating a written agreement that covers you when you are alive, if you become mentally incapacitated, and after death. While this is a great first step, there is still more to do. You must still take your assets and title them in the name of your trust, which we can help you do.

There are several things that you can do on your own to avoid probate, but to protect your loved ones during difficult times, it is best to consult our professional firm for a consultation on how to make sure all your bases are covered. Create a sense of safety and security for your assets and family by preventing probate before it has a chance to happen.

Are you ready to start your estate planning to avoid probate?

The Law Offices of Brianna Bocian would love to help you protect your family from the hardships of probate. We all would love to pass on something to our children or loved ones, but that last thing anyone wants to do is to give a large chunk of that hard-earned savings to the government via probate fees. Likewise, we would hate to think that our loved ones are having to wait months or even years to access even one dollar of those savings. Therefore, it is vital that anyone wanting their loved ones to benefit from their inheritance have plans in place (such as a living trust) to ensure a quick and painless process for those that you love. The Law Offices of Brianna Bocian can help you do just that.